The Bible Project

the bible project


I am very excited about the Youtube group that has set the goal of working through the entirety of the Bible in 5 min video. This seems very simple, but in order to be faithful to the full Biblical narrative, the authors of the project must break books up in to more detailed and manageable portions.

For instance, Genesis is too long and has too many important stories and element to relegate it to one 5 min video. In the project is it broken into two parts.

The also are taking opportunities to address different themes that can be traced through the entire cannon of scripture. The video I have post is a video that is in this vein. The theme of covenant is all over scripture and we need help understanding it. This is very good video to help young ones to understand the covenants of the OT and NT.

Please check it out and then visit the website to help fund the project.


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