2015 #Youcantstopme Challenge


If you have known me for any amount of time, than you know that I like challenges. I am a huge fan of doing things when someone thinks you can’t. I once carried a box of 200 books for a 10 mins walk from my house to work. When someone asked me “why?”, all I could say was “I just wanted to see if I could…”

So when Andy Mineo offered a “#youcantstopme” challenge for 2015, there was no way that I was going to pass up a challenge from my favorite rapper to do something in 2015.

Here is how it works:

“The #YouCantStopMe challenge is a way to face your fears and doubts. And you won’t have to do it alone. Thinking about getting healthy? Do it. Want to raise your grades? Go for it. Commitment is scary, but it forces us to grow. To become responsible, accountable, and better stewards of our time and lives. I want to see us all committed to growth and to becoming what we were made for. Don’t let fear of failure keep you from that. Don’t let doubt imposed by yourself or others keep you from that! Hopefully, this will be a motivator to inspire that change and growth. It’s a New Year! What will you do with 2015? Make moves or make excuses!”

So I thought about the thing in life that I make the most excuses.

My eating lifestyle. I snack a lot and I have “run” away from workouts. I am out of shape and not very healthy right now. I am excited to change that. My challege is:


Andy Mineo


If you would ask me about the picture I made, I would tell you that it is a way of inspiring me to finish my challenge. My daughter’s birthday was yesterday and she is an inspiration to me. This picture was taken 9 months after she fought for life in the NICU. Seeing her picture will remind me how trivial of a challenge that I gave myself and it will remind me to push through, cause she did. And lastly it will remind me that being healthy for my family is more important than all of the bad eating habits that I have.


#Youcan'tstopme (1)


You can do a #youcantstopme challenge of your own by visiting http://www.andymineo.com/ycsm. Read the instructions and then sign up!


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